Woman in sheer tan pantyhose, high heels and black leotard,

Sheer Luxury in Sensual Summery Hosiery

When it comes to legs the best legwear choices for spring and summer are sheers! Let us walk you through them.
Girl sitting with les crossed in between her mother's feet, wearing white leggings and top.

Footless Tights Young Girls & Teens Will Adore!

Footless tights are highly fashionable and yet so-oo comfortable, allowing total freedom of movement. It's little wonder then, that they've become the most popular legwear for young girls and teenagers, alike. Let's talk you through the finer details and our fabulous range.

October 11, 2021 — Mary Penco
Lady, lying outstretched with feet elevated wearing black leggings, black tank and black heels.

Footless Tights- Pandemic Panache

Covid-19 restrictions have dramatically changed our lifestyle, including our dress code! A quality footless tight is a fashion game changer. Undertake your myriad of daily roles in one outfit and enjoy a freedom of movement that allows you to sit comfortably at your desk - without compromising style.
Two younger girls sitting happily wearing bright coloured tights.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Printed and Coloured Tights For Young Fashionistas!

Children's tights can be a parent's answer to negotiating an outfit. When you've spent a lot money on a special dress but your daughter refuses to wear it, consider tights as a prime bargaining tool rather than everything ending in tears!  At Italian Tights we have a captivating selection of tights—in a myriad of colours and printsthat are sure to appeal to girls everywhere. Keep your insanity intact by having a few options up your sleeve will help keep everyone happy!
How Do I Keep Stay Ups from Falling Down?

How Do I Keep Stay Ups from Falling Down?

It’s every woman’s nightmare to have braved the decision to finally wear a pair of stay ups only to find them encircled around her ankles! What makes our Italian-made stay ups (or hold ups as they are commonly referred to in Britain), so special? Quite simply: quality. Here we explain the technical nature of stay ups and how our hosiery will keep your thigh highs in place.
February 24, 2021 — Mary Penco
The Fishnet Comeback With a Modern Twist

The Fishnet Comeback With a Modern Twist

Fishnets are enjoying a resurgence as an important fashion item and rightly so, this humble net can add sophistication and glamour to any outfit, even a casual look can be stepped up with the addition of fishnet hosiery! The modern fishnets come in a variety of colours and sizes, these two factors alone make them extremely versatile.
Renew Summer & Winter Outfits with Floral Print Tights

Renew Summer & Winter Outfits with Floral Print Tights

Floral tights are an all season pattern worn both in summer and winter. Florals are reflected in all our leg wear styles and in a host of colours. A floral print can be densley decorated or elegantly stylised and will add an aura of beauty to any outfit.
Blonde lady sitting side on with legs outstretched wearing a short green dress and green tights.

Green Envy: Style Your Outfits with Green Tights

For extra vibrancy and depth to an outfit simply add your favourite shade of green! With so many styles and shades to choose from in green you are certain to find the perfect tights to maintain your outfits evergreen!
First Holy Communion Dress: Best Tights For Girls

First Holy Communion Dress: Best Tights For Girls

A beautiful First Holy Communion Dress is only complete with beautiful tights. We have a wide selection of white and ivory tights and socks to add that special finishing touch to your daughter's dress.
Breakfast tray ready to take to mum in bed on Mother's Day.

What Mums Really Want: Mother's Day Gifts That Mum Will Love

Buying mothers a gift is really not that hard it is the small gestures and thoughtful gifts that mums appreciate the most.
Packet of ladies flower azalea sheer Oroblu tights tied with a red bow.

Valentine's Day: Everlasting Gifts

It's time to ditch the flowers and chocolates, this Valentines Day profess your love with the gift of Italian hosiery.
Women dancing wearing Oroblu nude pantyhose.

Bare Necessities: Why pantyhose are Still Necessary Today.

Take your outfit from dull to joyous! Far from being a garment of the past, hosiery has evolved in the last decade or two. Tights, stockings and pantyhose are a quintessential clothing accessory that completes your outfit and elevates your look. Here's how!
November 08, 2018 — Mary Penco