Sunny days herald the beginning of spring prompting us to reorder our wardrobes for warmer weather. When it comes to legs the best legwear choices for spring and summer are sheers. With so many sheers on the market let us walk you through the denier types and some of the best styles to meet the new season trends.

Ultra Sheer

The ultra sheer tight can range from a 6-10 denier and is mainly worn when a bare leg look is desired. This is the crowd favourite for spring racing carnival attire as it gives the skin a smooth, blemish free look. The nude colour choices in this range give the appearance of a tanned leg but without the fuss and cost of actually applying tanning cream or getting a spray tan. The Oroblu Different 15 and Franzoni Piu` 8 are two of the best sheers on the market for achieving a perfect bare leg look. For a more sensual look and feel the Franzoni Party 12 Stay Up is ideal, feminine and practical, great summer legs suddenly became easy!

Lady sitting wearing ultra sheer Piu` 8 nude coloured tights
Franzoni Più 8 provide an instant tan without the fuss or mess of sprays and dyes!!

A revolutionary concept for ultra sheer tights that has also been developed by Oroblu, uses nanofibre. Microscopic, micro-filaments form a yarn that hugs legs like a second skin and is amazingly soft and pleasant to touch. Invisible under clothing and with a comfortable waistband you may just want to make this luxury item an everyday staple because once you have experienced the Divine 10 nanofibre sheers there is no going back to ordinary.

Girl lying down with legs in the air wearing Divine 10 nanofiber tights by Oroblu
Oroblu's innovation of nanofiber hosiery has created stronger pantyhose that are more resistant to laddering.



A sheer tight will range between 15 - 30 denier and is especially popular amongst working women who wear tights towork. Sheer tights are stronger than ultra sheers and more resistant to snagging and laddering and are available in a myriad of patterns. Create a romantic look with a lace sheer, we offer a wide selection of patterns and styles, the difficulty will be choosing which one!!  Customer favourites are patterned lace nets by the hosiery powerhouse that is Oroblu. Exquisite floral lace effect patterns become a classic wardrobe staple. Fashion and classical colours can be easily matched with most of your garments. For a more opulent look consider embellished lace tights with patterns that are sure to wow the crowd.

Lady sitting down with crossed legs wearing Dollie sheer lace effect pattern tights by Oroblu

Semi Sheers

Semi sheer tights also commonly called semi opaques and range from 30 - 40 denier. They are the perfect transeasonal tight that will ward off chilly weather but not stifle you on a warmer day. For a bold spring look we suggest Jasmine. Stunning two tone tights, boasting a large damask print that will brighten even a dull day and put a spring into your step.Close up Jasmine damask floral pattern sheer Oroblu tights

Summery Jasmine tights have the WOW factor!!


Whatever the occasion, don’t underestimate the humble sheer. Like royal fashion icon, Kate Middleton, you can experience the sensual and practical luxury of this legwear when you embrace sheers - timeless and still relevant to women's needs.    

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