As a mother of two teenage girls, I can attest that the most popular legwear for this age group is footless tights!  Footless tights, not to be confused with leggings which are technically pants (think ‘sewn’ rather than woven) are essentially tights without feet. As such, when stretched they become somewhat sheer, which is why they should never be worn without a long tunic, dress or skirt to cover the nether regions. 


                Girl's legs outstretched on a bed wearing black leggings with grey spots.                Girl sitting on an armchair with legs crossed at the ankles and bare feet.

                              Girls love the freedom that footless tights can provide

Advantages of Footless Tights for Children

So what are the advantages of wearing footless tights over leggings? Firstly, you may have a daughter like mine who detests the feel of a seam, especially close to her skin. There are no irritating seams, and no issue where the feet pull the top down, resulting in an annoying suspended crotch. Another brilliant benefit with this legwear is that children tend to get longer wear from them, both because they outlive small growth spurts and because they’re easier to pull on. They also have more stretch and so freedom of movement is easier which is always a plus for kids that are constantly on the go!


Popular Footless Tight Styles 

There are many fabulous footless tights styles that would make any young girl and teen happy, here are our top picks for your youngsters:

  • Sheer Footless Tights 

  • These tights are ideal for transeasonal weather as they offer coverage but are also cooling due to their lightweight weave and yarn. They can add a pretty finishing touch to a shorter dress or skirt. Given that children move around a lot they also provide an extra layer of privacy for when skirts might blow around in the wind or during play. Panta Capri Aralia, are beautiful footless tights that young girls will adore, patterned with gorgeous butterflies and hearts, available in soft pastels - little girls will not be able to resist these, ( mums won’t either)! A teens version of these tights are the Freedom footless tights. Like the Aralia these are sheer with a butterfly pattern. Another sheer footless for teens are the Armenia tights, white and sheer they are delicately patterned. They are fabulous with a casual denim look or with a pretty summer dress. 

           Girls sitting on a ledge with legs crossed and wearing pink sheer footless tights. Lady's legs standing in black heels, orange footless tights and a floral skirt. Teens legs standing in black heels, white lace footless tights and denim skirt.                      Panta Capri Aralia                 Freedom Sheer Footless       Armenia White Lace 

  • Patterned Opaque Footless Tights

  • Are just as popular as patterned tights and can add a sense of fun. For young girls the Neige footless tights are perfect, scattered with grey dots against a pink or black background, they can be worn with sneakers for a casual look and closed shoes for a more dressy look. Either way these tights will keep your youngsters toasty warm thanks to the opaque thick weave- a perfect solution for colder weather!  


                     Side view of girl sitting in pink sporty leggings, pink flats and black skirt and jumper.             close up of side view of girl's leg in pink and grey dot leggings, pink socks and flats.

           Neige footless tights for girls add a sense of fun and warmth to an outfit!    

                                                             Available in black and pink        

    For teens, Oroblu’s  funky denim-style Underground, with its glittery guitar motif and British flag, or the capri-length Fable, scattered with colourful flowers down each leg, offer two very different looks.


                       Side view of girl's legs in blue footless tights, pumps and a red top.               Close up of girl's lower legs in floral footless tights and sneakers.                                                                               

                    Underground footless tights                   Fable footless tights


  • Block Coloured Footless Tights 

  •  These will become a wardrobe staple for young ladies that love this kind of legwear. Solid colours are a no fuss choice for all the days in between when all that is needed is a trusty pair of tights that will easily match the ensemble of the day. Girls’ opaque footless tights in black, ivory and a warm pink are great base colours to match with practically any colour. Basic colours that have the ability to add a subtle or lively tone to an ensemble. The Girls Pizzo Lace are also plain coloured footless tights but with the added touch of lace around the cuff, just giving a hint of fun and sophistication. The lace tights are available in red, pale pink and ivory. For teens the best coloured footless tight is no colour at all! Most teens tend to favour a black footless as they trust that this will work with whatever they choose to wear. The best opaque black footless is the Duvet which comes in two lengths, a capri (three quarters) and an ankle length. These footless tights are the best on the market because of their revolutionary 3D weave. This ensures that they are totally opaque and extremely stretchy making them comfortable, smooth and warm - teens will love them, (Actually ladies love to wear them too)!! 

                 Girl sitting, wearing black footless tights, ballerina flats and white top.                             Close up of girls legs in crossed leg sitting position, wearing white footless tights and flats.

    Girls opaque footless tights           Pizzo lace footless tights are finished with a lovely lace border

    Whatever your young lady's preference in footless tights, we’ve sourced a wide selection of styles and colours to keep her legs covered through the seasons. Of course, footless tights are not just for girls and teenagers! Women of all ages are enjoying the comfort of footless tights and are embracing their versatility, which are particularly popular for layering, especially under tunics and longer tops. You can find some of our most popular footless tights for women in another blog post called, Footless Tights-Pandemic Panache

    October 11, 2021 — Mary Penco

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