Covid-19 restrictions have dramatically changed our lifestyle, including our dress code. Working from home has meant, for many, a more relaxed work day wardrobe. In the space of a usual workday we find that we can interchangeably perform household tasks and leisure alongside work duties. Therefore, comfortable fitting clothes are the new fashion trend and there is nothing that screams comfort more than footless tights! 

Footless Tights for Work & Leisure

A quality footless tight is a fashion game changer! It allows for free movement which means you can sit comfortably at your desk without compromising style. It also means that when you need to take a break from your work desk to run an errand or meet with someone you can without needing to change your clothes. Whilst a footless tight should not be considered the same as pants, they are ideal for layering - perfect under a shift or longer tee. 

Capri -  3/4 Length Tights

When selecting a footless tight, length will be an important consideration. The capri, three quarter length, is perfect for hot weather as it gives you coverage around the upper legs but also keeps you cool. It stops just below the knees and looks good with any hemline from the knees up. A short skirt or dress is great for showing off an interesting pattern in a three quarter length tight. Capri footless tights that peep out under a knee length hemline can give a sense of  fun and a polished finish to your outfit. A fun, summery, footless, capri tight patterned with large butterflies are our Freedom tights. These tights are lightweight thanks to the sheer tulle weave and are ideal for warmer weather. This style is loved by both teens and ladies who like to wear floral breezy dresses and skirts. Not only do they look divine on but they will help to keep you cool even on a hot day.

                                                  Lady's legs in orange footless tights, floral skirt and black shoes, standing in front of a floral wall. 

Capri length footless tights are ideal for layering and are perfect as summer tights.

Footless Tights That Will Keep You Warm & Look Fabulous

An ankle length footless tight will be warmer, worn with the right attire they can even give the illusion of wearing pants - especially if you pair them with boots. Two favourite styles are the Moliere tights and the Morbimelange. The Moliere footless tights come in two colour variations, ivory or a beige latte shade, all against a black background. A fabulous statement piece that is both classical and timeless. The Morbimelange footless tights are made with a marl weave, giving a subtle speckled finish. The taupe tone will accessorize perfectly with many coloured outfits that are monochromatic or patterned. These tights are exceptionally warm and will keep your legs cosy. 

                       Lady's legs in black pattern footless tights and gold shoes.        Side view of lady's legs in camel coloured footless tights and gold shoes.

   Ankle length footless tights can be fabulous statement pieces and warming!


Lace Tights Can Elevate an Outfit

Lace can soften an outfit with its intricate open design. Lace patterned footless tights can spruce up any outfit adding a whimsical feminine touch. Create a glamorous look with these three lacey styles:

  1. Ramage footless tights are woven with a silvery lame` thread that is intertwined into the black embossed floral pattern, making these tights a standout! 
  2. Similarly, the Layla footless tights with their two tone blue black pattern. Both these footless tights can add an extra layer of elegance to an outfit - perfect for that important work presentation or for a special appointment straight after work that you can attend with confidence knowing that these will walk you in style wherever you go.  
  3. Armenia white lace footless tights are sheer tights that are perfect for spring days when billowy summer skirts are worn.    

             Side view of lady's legs in black lace footless tights.Front view of lady's legs in white lace footless tights, black heels and denim skirt.

                                Ramage & Armenia lace floral footless tights


                                   Lady's legs upright resting on a sofa back in brown lace footless tights and cream shoes.

                                 The stunning Layla lace footless tights 


Black Opaque Footless Tights - A Wardrobe Staple

Somedays you just need a classic black pair of footless tights that will take you from the desk to the gym, to a casual outing. The Capri Duvet and the Leggings Duvet  (which are despite the name a footless tight), warrant a place in your hosiery drawer. Both of these tights are made with 3D technology, ensuring an even opaque coverage. The styles offer the two lengths - capri (¾) and ankle length, providing you coverage for all seasons. Once people try them they are hooked and stock up on more pairs as these tights quickly become a wardrobe staple.

                               Lady in black tank and capri length black footless tights and black heels.    Lady standing with hands on hips in black footless tights and black heels.

                               Capri Duvet -3/4 length       Leggings Duvet - ankle length  

Fishnet Footless Tights  

Fishnet tights can add texture and sophistication to an outfit and during the warmer months a fishnet footless tight can also help to keep you cooler. The open weave allows your skin to breathe but still gives you desired leg coverage. The Stenofila fishnet tights in a trending sage green tick all the boxes - stylish, cooling and pair well with open toe sandals. Add these fishnet tights to complete your summer wardrobe. 

                                               Side view of lady's legs striding in black fishnet footless tights and black heels.

          Stenofila fishnet footless tights are finished with a decorative border                                                  

No matter the length, footless tights are more than just sporting attire. With so many beautiful prints, colours and weaves available you can achieve an elegant look that is comfortable and stylish. Which style will become your favourite footless tights?

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