When dressing young girls, tights are a quintessential fashion accessory that can elevate an outfit from beautiful—to exquisite. Not only is this true for special occasion wear, such as First Holy Communion dresses and bridal party ensembles, but in fact, the right leg wear can make any outfit stylish.

Most little girls love to dress up...

Most little girls love to dress upand not just as their favourite Disney character! Younger girls are often known for their enthusiasm when it comes to clothes and accessories—sometimes going through several outfits in one day! From hair ties to shiny shoes, kids can be just as obsessed with the details as adults. What often sets children apart, however, is their love of vibrant colours and patterns.

                                                                 Little girl's legs wearing sneakers and cream tights with tiny pink flowers.

                                                       Honduras has a pretty print of tiny sweet flowers.

Encourage a Young Girl's Passion for Colour

This passion for a favourite colour can cause consternation in parents who are trying to coax a child into a clothing item of a different colour. Before matters reach distress levels, there is a solutiontights!!

A fabulous accessory, tights come in an array of colours and pretty prints, and make a marvellous compromise when a child may reject an outfit because of its lack of colour or pattern. A garment in a dark solid shade such as navy, may look dull to a child, but give them the option of pairing it with exquisitely patterned tights in a colour of choice, and you may just avoid a major battle!

Popular colours for younger girlssuch as pink and purplecomplement a wide range of colours surprisingly well. Patterned tights, too, can be useful in acquiescing a forthright young mind; when an outfit is devoid of a pattern and largely monochrome, a pretty print can add a captivating element that entices children to wear them. 

                                                              Child's lower body, standing against a wearing various shades of pink.

Psiche tights have a captivating Norwegian pattern with a mix of colours that mix well with pinks and creams.

Choosing Tights for Girls is Easy!

Choosing tights for young girls is easy: simply match the tight to the occasion. A special event like a wedding or First Communion requires a more elegant, refined tight, such as a micronet or tulle. A striped, thicker tight is often more suited to a playdate or outing to the shops. No matter what the event, we have a myriad of colours and styles to delight even the fussiest of little girls! Below are just some of our favourites.

                                                    Young girl peeking out from tights pegged onto a washing line.

Special occasions call for special legwear! The styles Amanda, Axelle and Celine, are ideal for any elegant event.

The Amanda tights are enchanting, with a vertical flowery vine that encircles both legs. The design is fluid and delicate, and looks beautiful peeping out from under a longer hem, such as a Communion dress.

Axelle is daintily decorated with sweet little flowers and butterflies weaving diagonally around the leg. The silver and white thread gives the appearance that the flowers and butterflies have been hand embroidered rather than machine woven. Little girls will simply adore these tights! We suggest wearing them with a shorter dress or skirt so that the pattern can be fully appreciated.

Celine are another visual treat! A fully decorated floral tight, they're perfect for girls who love to look pretty. Like the Axelle, these also have a white and silver thread woven through the pattern, enhancing the rich floral design. For their beauty to be fully appreciated we suggest wearing with a shorter dress or skirt—or for the very fashion-forward youngster: a lovely pair of shorts.

Young girl sitting, clapping her raised knee, wearing white sheer flower tights.     

                                         Amanda sheer tights are patterned with a flowery vine.                              Two young girls sitting side by side wearing sheer white flower print tights.

             Celine and Axelle sheer floral tights have a fine silver thread woven into the pattern.

If the dress itself is very elaborate, then the perfectly understated complement would be a dainty dot tight, such as the Erika, or a micromesh tight, like the Resille. These choices add a polished, sophisticated look to an outfit without overwhelming it. Both are available in classic white or ivory, with Resille mesh tights also available in navy blue and rose pink.

                       Close up of girl's knee and lower leg, wearing white dot tights.                   Close up of a girl's lower leg wearing ivory micro mesh tights.                                
                                  Erika spotty tights                                 Resille mesh tights


Pretty in Pink: A Surprisingly Versatile Colour

If your child is all about colour, we have some fabulous shades available! What's more, you'll be genuinely surprised at just how well they match other tones. For lovers of pink, we offer predominantly four shades:

  • soft ballet pink
  • fuschia
  • rose pink  
  • electric pink

The right hue of pink pairs with almost any colour—even red! Here are some styles that come in some gorgeous shades of pink.

Girosole, features a pretty miniature daisy pattern in a ballet pink. Ballet pink is our favourite pink hue because it's so versatile and goes with practically every other colour! The pattern on Girosole is sweet and unobtrusive, and won't compete with the main garment.

Female child sitting on one leg wearing ballet pink daisy flower tights.
                      Ballet pink is lovely soft shade that will pair well with most colours.                                                                                                                                                                       

 Petit, a herringbone, warm tight, comes in a variety of colours including rose pink—a hue that teams especially well with greys, blacks and navy blue. Our Judy tight is made especially for little girls with a dreamy weave that appears as though it has been crocheted with a fine yarn. Both of these tights are stunning in pink.

                 Little girl sitting perched on a chair in a white tutu and pink stockings.                 Close up of little girls lower legs wearing pink tights.
The Judy tight is made in a fine yarn with a crochet-look weave.


                                    Young girl sitting, knees raised, resting her head on a large teddy she is clasping.

Bimba Rib, as the name suggests, is a rib tight, extremely warm and comfortable to wear. The fuschia version pops with vibrancy and looks fabulous against a lime green or a tangerine. Of course, it also matches all the classics, including grey, navy, black and white. 

                          Girl standing with one foot on a step, hands in pockets and wearing fuchsia coloured tights.  Close up of child's knees wearing bright pink tights.  Little blonde girl sitting on the grass with her legs crossed in bright pink tights.
                   Fuschia coloured tights will make an outfit pop with their vibrancy!

Electric pink is our most vivid pink and it's the perfect party colour, adding vitality to any space. The knots of gold thread dispersed throughout the Naif tights add a glittery notethe perfect dance party tightsNaif tights are available in black and electric pink.

                                                          Girl's legs standing,wearing black tights and silver Mary Jane shoes.

              The naif tights are a great party tight - available in black and electric pink.

Far beyond these captivating shades of pink, we have a host of other glorious colours! One stunning example is the majestic royal blue in the Efesta tight. This sophisticated shade of blue in a superb sheer floral, will have you wishing you could borrow them!

A young girls' legs displaying floral tights in a royal blue colour.
                  The Efesta style tights in royal blue are perfect for your little princess.


No matter the colour or pattern, tights give your young lady the chance to express her personality in a fun and stylish manner. It's a brilliant starting place for a young girl to begin making her own fashion decisions.

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