It’s every woman’s nightmare to have braved the decision to finally wear a pair of stay ups only to find them encircled around her ankles! Such disasters usually tend to occur at the most inopportune time! Imagine yourself walking down the main street, your hands laden with shopping and next thing you know your thigh highs have now become ankle socks! Well, despair no longer because we have stay ups that will never let you down!

What makes our Italian made stay ups (or hold ups as they are commonly referred to in Britain), so special? The answer, quality! Yes, when it comes to legwear that performs and lasts the distance quality does matter! Our thigh highs have two rows of silicone around the inner band which gently adheres to skin when positioned correctly. Just like real estate, the three golden rules apply to stay ups too, position, position, position, we really can’t stress this enough! The stay up should be positioned mid-thigh. Too high you will create a muffin top look, too low and it will most certainly slip down. You know that you have the correct size when the band fits snugly and isn’t restrictive. Never moisturize your legs when wearing thigh highs as this will make them fall. When pulling your thigh high up make sure that the silicone band is folded outwards this prevents it from sticking to itself.

Equally important is taking good care of your stay ups. Whilst we recommend hand washing it is also possible to place it in a laundry bag and machine wash in cold water, not hot as this could affect the silicone band.

Once you have mastered the art of wearing a stay up you will be forever hooked. You will love the practicality of never having to worry about pulling tights up and down when going to the bathroom, saying goodbye forever to crotch problems that can occur with tights. Doctors love them too as they can be more hygienic than tights allowing your skin to breathe. What we love the most about stay ups, however, is the sensual feeling they conjure, nothing is more sensuous than wearing a chic pair of thigh highs, patterned or otherwise.

We have some exquisite stay ups and stocking kits to choose from here are three suggestions.



Kit Deborah is a complete outfit of sheer stockings and suspender belt that has a reinforced border to ensure a perfect fit



                                    Back view of lady's legs wearing black stay ups with back seam and black high heeled shoes.                       

                                 Colour samples, black and nude for the Riga Up tights by Oroblu available in Australia

Riga Up a classic back seam thigh high available in classic black and nude.




Eleonor faux stay ups - for when you want the stay up look but don't want to wear stay ups!

February 24, 2021 — Mary Penco

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