Fishnets are enjoying a resurgence as an important fashion item and rightly so, this humble net can add sophistication and glamour to any outfit, even a casual look can be stepped up with the addition of fishnet hosiery. The modern fishnets come in a variety of colours and sizes, these two factors alone make them extremely versatile. They can be worn over solid coloured tights for an interesting contrast or under ripped pants and jeans, peeping through the holes, creating a layered artistic effect. Despite the fact that there are gaps between the weave, fishnets can be an all season tight. Closely woven nets are surprisingly warm and can mostly be worn on their own on a cold day. Larger spaced nets are perfect for warmer weather or for wearing on top of other tights creating a two tone effect.

                                                      A lady standing in an outside setting wearing Franzoni nude Micro Ret New fishnet tights in a cream lace dress clutching a bag.

What we love the most about fishnets is that they come with an elasticized waistband which ensures your tights will never fall down!!  Yes, no crotch problems or gatherings at the ankles your fishnets will encase your legs like a glove and will stay put the entire time they are on. They have a lot of stretch which also means that you have quite a lot of leeway regarding sizing, basically, the rule is if you have very long legs opt for a medium/large, shorter legs extra small/small. Whatever the occasion we are sure to have fishnet that you will fall in love with. If you have never tried fishnets with so many styles to choose from now is the time to give them a go we predict they will become your favourite piece of hosiery too!! Not sure where to start here are some of our favourites.

Franzoni Micro Rete New Lady sitting with legs bent wearing a pair of black Franzoni Microe Rete New tights, a black leotard and gold sandals.

As the name suggests these are fishnets with a makeover!! Incredibly soft and warm the Micro Rete New is one of the chicest fishnets on the market. It will add style to your look, with three classical colour choices and a cotton gusset for comfort you may just want to have one in every colour !!

 Side view of a lady's legs striding and wearing a pair Oroblu Tricot Fishnet tights and black high heeled shoes.

Fabulous fishnets that do not snag easily created with a minute weave. They are nonstatic so won’t cling to your clothes are easy to wear and also available in a trending green colour option these nets are hard to resist.

Thin Nets

A small net that is woven with tiny holes that resemble polka dots, making these fishnets the most versatile, wear them anywhere for a casual or sophisticated look!!



Franzoni Rete Ballerina Side view of lady's legs striding and wearing a pair of Franzoni black Ballerina fishnet tights.

If you love to dance these are the fishnets for you. Perfectly camouflaging any skin blemishes under the dance floor spotlight. They are strong too, they can suffer beatings on the dance floor and remain in one piece!!


Large Nets

A large loose open weave net, this fishnet is all about fashion!! Glam up your look by either wearing it on its own or over coloured tights or under ripped pants !! As a fashion accessory, this tight has so many possibilities!!

Franzoni Stenofila Footless Fishnets Side view of lady's legs striding showing Franzoni Fishnet capri length black Stenofila footless tights.

Who said fishnets had to be a tight?!! Increasingly popular are netted footless tights. The weave of fishnet gives an interesting look to a footless tight as is the case with the Franzoni Stenofila. Apart from the detailed patterned on the bottom of these tights we know you will love the aloe green tone it is offered in perfect for spring and autumn layering.

Franzoni Girls Resille Mesh Tights Young girls sitting on a chair wearing a white First Communion dress legs crossed at the knee showing a pair of white Franzoni Resille mesh tights.

Fishnets are not only for women but can be ideal for special occasion wear for girls too!! The Franzoni Resille Tights have a divine fine mesh weave that makes them perfect for beautiful dresses such as First Communion dresses and bridal party dresses. They add a classical finesse to a special outfit.

Oroblu Tricot Knee Highs Back view of a lady's legs wearing a black leather skirt, black shoes and Oroblu Tricot knee high fishnet socks.

For all the occasions that a knee high is required the Oroblu Tricot Knee high is your best friend. Stylish, long lasting and comfortable what more can a woman ask for?!!!

If these are not enough there is a myriad of patterned fishnet tights also available at Italian Tights. Need help finding these? Feel free to message us and we will happily help you find your special pair of fishnets. After all dressing your legs is our passion!!

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