Nourish your skin with these beautiful natural hand made soaps. Made with essential oils that benefit your body and skin, leaving you feeling naturally refreshed. Our heart shape soaps are conveniently interlocked with a rope so you can easily hang them in the shower or in a cupboard. These soaps are all hand poured in Melbourne, Australia by Wheelers Hill Soaps and include favourite Australian natural scents such as lemon myrtle. Or choose the sublime coffee soap with anti ageing benefits. Whichever scent you choose you can be assured that they are all absent of any nasty chemicals, made with only pure goodness for your skin to feel renewed after every wash. If you are a person on the go choose the wind up soap bar, essentially soap on a stick that is easy to carry avoid sticky messes that traditional soap and pump bottles can do. All our  divine soaps make a beautiful gift for someone special or better still treat yourself to some natural goodness. Also perfect to pop into your lingerie drawer!