Our Italian heritage and Italian romance led to a love affair with beautiful Italian hosiery! You'll fall in love, too, when you experience the look and feel of these brands. From the classical and practical, to stunning high fashion, you'll be impressed with their durability, comfort and elegance. I met my husband while on a year-long stay in Italy. Years later, married and living in Australia, here's how our romance led to Italian Tights.

Life’s unexpected paths…

I anticipated many changes when our two daughters were born—but a career change was not one of them!  When the girls were young, my husband’s family, who live in Italy, showered them with gifts, often sending exquisite Italian tights to us in Australia. So many pairs, in fact, that I never had the need to shop for more.

During outings, the girls and I were frequently stopped by passersby who exclaimed over the beautiful tights and wanted to know:  where did I buy them? Surprised by this regular occurrence, curiosity soon got the better of me and I began researching what was available in Australian stores. I quickly came to realise that not only was there little on offer, but invariably they were quite plain, and usually of dubious quality.

Where were the patterns, the colour, the soft yarns and texture?!  We’d become thoroughly spoiled by all the variety, charm and quality in the Italian tights now a familiar feature in the children’s outfits.  

And so, our love affair with tights and leg wear began.  We put our Italian heritage to good use and searched for leg wear companies throughout Italy.  We found places that were still family run and making products from the initial design stage right through to production.  Our research led us beyond girls’ leg wear to exquisite women’s hosiery – and beyond to teens, boys and unisex leg wear.  

Family brands woven with passion…

We were thrilled to find some wonderful companies! Family businesses tucked away in tiny Italian towns, owned and run by people totally passionate about their products. Their pride of craftsmanship and commitment to quality was unmistakable, each product researched and created with the excellence for which the Italians are so renowned.

In turn, we are proud to bring you their beautiful creations. We started our journey as wholesalers with Stellar Imports, and are now excited to continue that journey by offering these luxury brands directly through our Italian Tights online store. Your legs, however, are our ultimate showcase! With styles that span from classic to on-trend, we know when you wear our hosiery you'll always feel wonderful and look stunning!

Not just quality hosiery but ethical practice...

Not only is Italian Tights committed to quality in hosiery design and production, but we believe in collaborating with businesses who engage in ethical conduct.

 Our manufacturers:

  • Engage in ethical practices
  • Pay employees a fair wage
  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Respect the environment by adhering to procedures that minimise pollutants.
  • Do not use child labour
  • Pass stringent government quality testing to ensure no harmful  substances have been used in production.


     Dramatically posed woman in tights and evening dress sitting on crescent moon.