Girl sitting with les crossed in between her mother's feet, wearing white leggings and top.

Footless Tights Young Girls & Teens Will Adore!

Footless tights are highly fashionable and yet so-oo comfortable, allowing total freedom of movement. It's little wonder then, that they've become the most popular legwear for young girls and teenagers, alike. Let's talk you through the finer details and our fabulous range.

October 11, 2021 — Mary Penco
Lady, lying outstretched with feet elevated wearing black leggings, black tank and black heels.

Footless Tights- Pandemic Panache

Covid-19 restrictions have dramatically changed our lifestyle, including our dress code! A quality footless tight is a fashion game changer. Undertake your myriad of daily roles in one outfit and enjoy a freedom of movement that allows you to sit comfortably at your desk - without compromising style.
Blonde lady sitting side on with legs outstretched wearing a short green dress and green tights.

Green Envy: Style Your Outfits with Green Tights

For extra vibrancy and depth to an outfit simply add your favourite shade of green! With so many styles and shades to choose from in green you are certain to find the perfect tights to maintain your outfits evergreen!