A girl’s First Holy Communion Day is a special time in her life. Much preparation goes into making this a memorable event, needless to say a lot of consideration is also given to choosing the dress. A First Communion dress can be compared to a mini wedding dress. It comes in a variety of styles both long and short but unlike wedding dresses a Communion dress must always be white or ivory in colour to symbolise purity. As it is not practical for young girls’ Communion dresses to be trailing behind them the length of the majority of the long dresses comes to the ankles. Therefore, the legwear that peeks out from under the hemline needs to be as elegant as the dress deserves! Nothing spoils a dress more than shabby looking tights. Indeed the correct leg wear adds an elegant finishing touch. With so many choices available it can often be confusing as to which style is best for your girl’s dress. We have taken the guesswork away and carefully selected styles that will enhance the beauty of your chosen First Communion Dress.

Astrella Girls Opaque White & Ivory Tights

If you  have a dress that is heavily patterned then you may prefer a solid coloured tight in either white or ivory to match your dress colour. The Astrella Girl is semi opaque, meaning that is a slightly see through opaque. Where a full opaque would be too dull and thick in appearance this semi opaque tight gives just the right amount of coverage, especially for Communions held in winter. The semi opaque texture also softens the colour so that is not too stark or bold.


Girls legs in a sitting position wearing pale pink tights, with hands resting on her knees.

                   Astrella Girl; Semi opaque tights available in an array of colours including white & ivory.

Resille Mesh Tights

A micro mesh weave that personifies elegance. The Resille are the royalty of tights! Delicate in appearance but surprisingly strong, these tights will elegantly enhance any dress. The mesh is subtle and will not confuse with patterns on a dress but rather gracefully complete the outfit. Furthermore your daughter will be delighted with the softness of these tights not often present in a mesh tight.

                                                          Girls legs showing from under her Frist Communion dress wearing white mesh tights.

Resille micro mesh tights add an elegant finishing touch to a Communion Dress

Haiti Fishnet Patterned Ivory Tights

Another micro net but this time with a classical pattern woven throughout,  just enough to give interest to the tights but not too much so as to confuse the dress. The Haiti is available in ivory and is ideal for those seeking a refined patterned tight.

                                                            Young girls sitting and resting her head on her hand wearing funky summer clothes and fishnet pattern tights.

                               Haiti are a refined ivory fishnet patterned tight                              

Guinea Heart & Diamond Patterned White Tights

Some girls will find solid coloured tights dull so for these girls or for when a pattern is required the Guinea tights are the perfect choice. The mini heart and diamond pattern is so minute it won’t detract from the dress at all. In fact if the dress is not overly elaborate it will stylishly embellish the dress. This style is available in white.

                                                            Girl sitting and resting the side of her head on her hand wearing a pretty cream dress and cream tights.

      Guinea are a white tight with a sweet pattern of tiny hearts and diamonds.                                                      


Georgia Butterfly Tulle Patterned Tights

Girls fall in love with these tights, afterall which girls don’t love butterflies? The Georgia tights are delicately woven tulle with an all over butterfly pattern. They will gloriously lift a dress to another level of magic. Available in both ivory and white.

                                                  Young blonde girl with curly hair sitting with one knee up wearing pale pink butterfly print tights.

Georgia will delight young girls with their butterfly pattern in white or ivory

Ankle Socks

Some girls cannot tolerate tights at all, so for these girls we have two gorgeous ankle socks that will look suburb under any First Communion Dress. These ankle socks are also the perfect choice for functions during hot weather and can be worn with any kind of shoe including sandals.

Girls legs crossed at the ankle wearing white frilly socks and black ballerina flats.Calzino Amore; A semi opaque ankle sock with a gorgeous frill.

Calzino Papua; A sheer ankle sock patterned with butterflies just like the Georgia      tights.

                                                            Girls feet wearing pale pink butterfly print ankle socks and silver Mary Jane shoes.
No matter which style you choose most importantly you can remain confident knowing that they are of the best quality. All the tights listed are 100% Italian made and Oeko-Tex certified. With no harsh chemicals or dyes they will not harm little girls’ skin but rather caress it with softness and comfort. A special day deserves luxury hosiery!

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