Brekkie in bed, including the burnt toast, handmade cards, lot of hugs and kisses are amongst the most treasured Mother’s Day Gifts. It is all the thoughtful gestures on the day that mums really cherish. So when it comes to choosing a gift for mum it doesn’t need to be overly expensive but it should show that consideration has gone into choosing just the right gift for her.

The first and only rule in gift buying is to remember that we are all individuals, all with different likes and dislikes, it is important that your gift reflects the personality of the receiver. Mums then, are the easiest people to buy for because we all know our mums inside out!  And legwear is the best gift to give mum because it ticks all the boxes!! There are a myriad of styles, colours and patterns to please every mum on the planet. All you need to know is her size and colour preference and presto you have an inexpensive gift of exceptional quality; a luxury item that mum may not necessarily buy for herself but would no doubt appreciate. Best of all you know that you are giving mum something that she will actually use and is all for her!!!

So many styles and patterns where do I start I hear you ask? To make this super easy identify which is mum’s favourite colour, type it in the search bar of our website and you will be given a list of styles available in that colour. Then choose which one you think mum will like based on her wardrobe and preferences. 


 Mum may just need a good pair of comfy footless tights to run around in, the Leggings Duvet are perfect for everyday wear as are the Donna Cotton Soft, which are also super warm and cotton rich.



               Leggings Duvet are super comfy and perfect for everyday wear.

Pretty socks are often items mums forgo buying for themselves but all mums know that a beautiful sock under a pair of special pants just completes an outfit. After all there is nothing worse than a pair of dreary socks peeping out from under the cuff of pants.                                         


A good quality opaque is always appreciated, make it extra special by gifting mum a pair in her favourite colour. Our All Colors style range has a great selection of colours, our favourites are the reds as this is great winter colour, sure to lift the dreariness of any wintry day.



Opaques are can give a winter outfit a bright bold lift find mum's favourite colour.

If you want to make a special gift package for mum we recommend putting together a legwear item of your choice along with a pair of gloves from our accessories range completed with Kate,our long sleeved tee.



For a complete gift select a pair tights along with something from our  accessories range such as the Kate, micro modal tee and fur trim gloves; Mum will love these beautiful gift ideas

Whatever you choose you can be assured that mum will love it because after all what mums really want is to be honoured with your thoughtfulness and love. 

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