Valentine’s Day may have origins that date back centuries but this doesn’t mean that our gift ideas need be traditional or archaic. If you are feeling adventurous and unconventional and wanting a gift that will outlast chocolates and flowers then consider gifting legwear this Valentine’s Day. Exquisitely beautiful legwear that is, with a myriad of styles, patterns and colours to choose from we have all your special valentines covered including, grannies, mums, daughters and partners. You can shop for all your valentines in the one store, opting to have all your gifts sent to you to gift personally or we can send them for you with a handwritten note and if you wish to add extra intrigue we can also send it anonymously!

If you are overwhelmed by our wide selection of legwear here are some ideas you may wish to consider.

Mature Women

Leg wear ideal for grandmothers, aunties, mothers and other mature aged women in your life that you would like to celebrate include the Different 40 style by Oroblu. What is special about these tights is that they are made for all women no matter what shape or size. The style Different 40 are exceptionally comfortable partly due to a waistband that will stay put so no uncurling or crotch problems will occur, a definite plus when you are trying to maintain a lady like appearance!! The Different style is also available in a 15 and 20 denier but it is our experience that this age group of women prefer a 40 denier as it tends to be more durable and has the classic semi opaque finish. What is also worth noting about the Different 40 is the availability of the colour niut, (a silvery grey tone) a very popular colour for an older woman who doesn’t want to wear black but still requires a classic shade.




Different 40 by Oroblu is more comfortable and durable than your average pantyhose.                                                 


Young Women

Younger women may enjoy a funky patterned tight and we suggest gifting a pair of reversible tights. Not only are these two toned with some very interesting patterns to choose from they are also two tights in one. Turn them inside out and you have a different colour combo giving you two ways to wear one pair of tights!! Which young lady wouldn’t like to receive two gifts?!!

Reversible tights come in a variety of patterns and colours and make the perfect gift as they come with a flipside!!


It is quite common to gift young girls a Valentine’s day gift and we have quite a variety to choose from. Any of our patterned tights for girls would make for a special gift. It will be your colour choice that will make this gift extra special we know from our customers that navy, cream and white semi sheer patterned tights for girls are hard to find, but not at Italian Tights we have a great selection of patterns and colours.


Equilibrista is one of the many patterned girls' tights that you will find at our online store.

Special love interest

Valentine’s Day after all is all about love and romance and we have divine tights that evoke sentiments of love. Choose from our sensual stay ups or our stunning stocking kits that come with stockings and garters.


Deborah Kit comes complete with stockings and suspender belt. 

No matter who your valentine might be this Valentine’s Day step out of that box of chocolates or away from the typical bunch of flowers and let your Valentine slip into some magnificent Italian tights so they can enjoy a lasting gift.



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