Do you have a favourite piece of clothing that is looking a bit tired but you can’t bring yourself to part with it because just memories it conjures still sparks joy in you? The good news is, you can keep your favourite clothes without feeling guilty that you are becoming a hoarder. All you need to do is to liven it up with, wait for it, green coloured tights! In fact green tights are right on trend. Just ask celebrities like Kylie Jenner who have embraced wearing green tights in all manner of shades and prints.

Kendall Jenna out on the town wearing a plaid top with an oversized jacket and green block colour tights.

Kendall Jenner  out and about wearing green block colour tights PC Harpers Bazaar

The fashion runways have been spilling over with various shades of green, both bright and dark. Green can embolden or lighten your look depending on the shade you select. We have an array of green tights in various hues and prints that will help to give your much loved outfit the makeover it deserves!

Audrine with their sheer base have a classic diamond pattern in a divine cobalt green, almost teetering on emerald green. These lightweight tights are the perfect way of introducing a suggestion of green without overdoing it! As you can see it pairs magnificently with black clothing.With such lightness these are potentially an all season tight.



In a footless style try Oroblu their footless tights sure to wow any crowd, these tights are available in a majestic vivid green. Possessing an equally stunning dense pattern, you will light up a room wherever you go! A winter tight that is comfy and glorious, what else can a girl ask for!!


             Paulette Footless tights                           Allure geometric print tights

Another arresting tight in green are the Allure tights. An uneven diamond pattern creates an irregular geometric pattern this alone is visually hypnotising, but with the addition of the bold dark green colour you will enchant all those in your vicinity!

Other  styles in green include two fishnet  tights, Stenofila, a patterned footless fishnet tight in a soft sage colour which has a cooling effect making it the perfect spring/summer choice. 

  Colour sample sage green Franzoni Stenofila footless fishnet tights available in Australia.                      Colour sample turquoise green Oroblu Tricot fishnet tights available in Australia.         

Stenofila footless fishnets in sage green.    All Colors Tricot tights in turquoise green.

A more subdued shade is olive green present in the Oroblu winter tights, Dune. Small geometrics pattern this tone on tone tight. This shade of green matches well with camel and brown coloured clothing.


    Blonde lady sitting side on wearing a soft almond blouse, black skirt and beige tights.                              Colour sample olive green Oroblu Dune raised pattern opaque tights available in Australia.       

Oroblu Dune tights stunning in olive green matched with light browns and black.                                          

The Infinity ankle socks come in two tones of green, teale and olive green. These colours match well with black or brown short boots.

Three pairs of Infinity socks displayed in the colours teale green, olive green and black.

Infinity cotton ankle socks come in two shades of green as well as black.

Feeling adventurous try our tights that combine green with other colours such as the stunning Edith tights or for some fun the Damascata or Diabolica in our reversible tights

Most of the styles mentioned are also available in other colours but perhaps it’s time to venture away from more traditional tones and let your legs revel in the magical colour that is green and realise just how easy it is to be green!

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