Oroblu Repos 40 Graduated Light Compression Tights

$29.00 AUD
By Oroblu


Relaxing tights, in 40 denier compression but with a sheer 20 denier opaque look. The light compression helps to reduce tiredness and a sense of heaviness from the legs, improving venous return and oxygenation of the blood. Suitable for those who have to stand for many hours or, on the contrary, are often seated and sedentary.The bodice is bare, slightly containing and with a high waist, that is, once worn, it shapes the belly and hips without any visible line on the thigh.

The toes are semi-reinforced and remain visible but slightly more opaque and resistant mesh reduces the risk of stretch marks. Repos 40 tights do not pinch. In the Repos 40 tights the elastane is wrapped twice, and then again totally covered by polyamide, which makes it slide on the skin. A very high quality yarn that gives a special sense of comfort.

The tights are finished with fine details, such as the flat seam, invisible under clothing, and the cotton gusset, for greater wearing comfort, hygiene and breathability. The elasticised waistband  is designed not to slide down or to create a feeling of tightness. Composition: 84% Polyamide & 16% Elastane

  • Graduated compression
  • Support tights
  • Non constrictive
  • Flat seams
  • 40 Denier
  • 84% Polyamide, 16% elastane

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