Oroblu Fashion Decor Semi Sheer Lace Knee Highs

$20.00 AUD
By Oroblu

Luxuriate in these semi sheer knee-highs with a lace-effect pattern profiled by embossed details. The Fashion Decor knee-high by Oroblu is the perfect combination of style and comfort.The profiled lace-effect pattern lends a touch of sophistication and femininity to the knee-high, allowing you to enhance your figure with a touch of class.The carefully worked embossed details add a touch of texture to these socks, creating a fascinating and distinctive visual effect. I Expertly crafted to create a unique and eye-catching visual effect, these knee-highs are the perfect way to elevate your fashion game. Make a statement and enhance your figure with a touch of class - all while feeling comfortable and confident. Composition: 91% Polyamide & 9% Elastane.

  • Semi sheer
  • Lace effect pattern
  • Knee length
  • 40 Denier
  • osfa
  • 91% Polyamide, 9% Elastane
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