Calze BC Personal Size Anti-Chafing Under Dress Sheer Short Tights


Rediscover the pleasure of moving freely and wearing dresses and skirts without pain and unsightly redness on your thighs. Prevent inner thigh rubbing with these anti-friction sheer short tights, studied and tested to prevent irritation and uncomfortable chafing to your legs.  An elegant lace band stops the tights from rising up and rolling. Supportive but not restrictive these shorts are comfortable to wear all day. The sheer bodice does not show through clothing permitting you to wear even lightweight garments. Made from a light sheer material these short tights allow your skin to breathe, giving them perfect wearability even in warmer seasons. To find the size that best suits your body type use the sizing chart on this page as a guide, you will need to know the measurements for your hip circumference and height. Please note that these shorts are only suitable for thigh circumference that measure 75 centimetres and less. Composition: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

  • Sheer bodice
  • Lace band
  • Non restrictive
  • Light support
  • Prevents thigh rubbing
  • Thigh length
  • 30 Denier
  • 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane