Aquilone Baby Sheer Tesoro Lace Patterned Tights


Complete your baby’s outfit with the Tesoro, sheer patterned tights. Surprisingly strong, these sheer tights will add that adorable finish to your baby’s special dress. These tights are ideal for special occasion wear, like Christenings, the patterned so delicate that it will add an elegant finish to the gown. Apart from white and ivory colours, these tights are also available in a blush pink which is the perfect shade as it matches with any colour! Choose the blush pink for a special party dress or tutu. Tesoro in Italian means treasure but it is also an endearment for special people in our lives-an endearment well suited to babies and to these gorgeous tights. All our baby tights have ample stretch to allow for nappies and woven to ensure they withstand the tugs and pulls that can happen with the very young. All our tights, including our baby tights will not harm your skin and are manufactured with the strictest European guidelines. Composition: 93% Polyamide & 7% Elastane

  • Sheer
  • Delicate floral pattern
  • Extra stretch to accommodate nappies
  • Christening dress tights
  • Special occasion dress
  • Safe on skin
  • 93% Polyamide & 7% Elastane