Can you imagine completely changing the look of your outfit in the same day - but with just one pair of tights? Reversible tights (also known as ‘double face’ tights) are a simple but novel concept that allow you to do just that, with two luxury looks for the price of one pair of high quality hosiery. Go from the dramatic to the more subdued - or vice versa - depending on what your day holds.

"Versatility isn’t the only alluring factor of our reversibles range..."

Life is hectic for all of us and often our busy schedules don’t allow time for returning home to change clothes. Create a new look in minutes by simply turning your reversible tights inside out. You may need to start your day with subdued tones, yet by day’s end when meeting friends for drinks or dinner, you will want to refresh your look with brighter colours.

This flexibility can be achieved with our stunning collection of reversible tights, especially designed to be turned inside out. Never has a change of outfit been so quick or discreet!

Our reversible range has such an inviting array of colours and patterns to choose from, you'll have difficulty choosing just one. You may prefer the subtle tones and patterns found in the classical look Padova by Franzoni. Its grey and black hues and timelessly fashionable houndstooth pattern, make these tights the perfect complement to a tunic or straight skirt. 

Close up of woman's legs, standing on the street wearing Franzoni Damascata reversible tights.When you want to colour your day, opt for a style that includes a striking cobalt blue, vivid green or intense burgundy! When paired with black, these captivating tights create a stunning effect, as showcased in styles like, Damascata, Dania, Diabolica and Joseph - highlighting florals, spots and check patterns.

Versatility isn’t the only alluring factor of our reversible range, as you’ll soon appreciate with their incredible softness - a finish that feels like velvet on your legs! And thanks to their innovative 3 dimensional (3D) weave process, these tights are totally opaque, providing full coverage and wonderfully warm legs.

You’ll be hard pressed to find retail stores that offer any reversible tights, let alone our selection of gorgeous patterned reversible tights that highlight European fashion. Take advantage of our competitive prices on this range of hosiery - and you’ll find you’re also saving on storage space! At Italian Tights we pride ourselves on sourcing unique, beautiful quality legwear and are delighted to bring to you the best selection of reversible tights online.

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