You know a company has withstood the test of time when they reach a thirty year milestone! Oroblu has surpassed all tests by continuously creating exquisite leg and body wear. The exceptional quality of their products has never faltered, which in turn, has ensured customer confidence and loyalty. Oroblu designs have captured the essence of Italy; Italians are renowned for mastery in so many aspects of life, including science, cuisine and art, dominating the world in their pursuit for excellence in all they do. 

Close up sparkling crystals on black tattoo effect motif to form pendant style decoration

Valentine pantyhose with crystals feel as luxurious as they look.

Exquisite yarns, delightful patterns and bold colours distinguish Oroblu as the iconic fashion leader it has become. To celebrate this fashion giant we have put the spotlight on three styles that feature on our website paying homage to the essence of what Oroblu represent, quality and style.

Oroblu is a master of sheers be they patterned or classical, ranging from an ultra 6 denier all the way to a 20 denier. They have excelled at producing some of the finest sheers on the market.

Captivating our attention is the very chic Valentine. A 20 denier sophisticated pair of tights. Embellished with sparkling crystals set on a tattoo effect, black pendant placed on the foot of the tight. The design is a perfect marriage of opulence and simplicity giving a refined touch to an outfit.

Alida is one of Oroblu’s more ingenious sheers as it gives the illusion of being a knee high whilst in fact it is an all in one pantyhose. Little spots are showered on the lower leg and then finished with a rich floral border just below the knee. Here we see Oroblu’s true mastery at work as they have managed to make the remaining part of the pantyhose seemingly non existent! The Alida will be admired by women who love to create a sense of fun and mystery.

Woman's legs showing Alida black sheer tights with spotty mock knee highs with floral lace border at knee cap.

Alida resembles a knee high but is in fact pantyhose!!

understand this and hence the creation of beautiful tights such as the Marianne. Now you can give the illusion of wearing a stay up when in fact you are wearing tights!! With styles such as Marianne, Oroblu give all women the opportunity to   savour that sexy, feminine feeling a stay up can give.

woman wearing black sheer renaissance like pattern tights that resemble stay ups


If the humble sheer has been remodelled into artistic pieces of art then just imagine what they have done with other legwear products. Tights, leggings and socks have been all touched with some Oroblu magic. Many of these products you can explore yourself on our website just type in a legwear of choice and be dazzled by what Oroblu continues to offer us all.

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