Heart Shape Natural Coffee Soap

$7.00 AUD

Lather your skin with this all natural coffee soap. Infused with actual coffee granules and embedded with coffee beans this soap can help to protect from the signs of ageing. Coffee soaps are rich in antioxidants and is the perfect exfoliator for ridding dead skin and odour. This soap bar is conveniently interlocked with a small rope which allows you to easily hang it in the shower. It is also further enhanced with the natural properties of sweet orange, eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Add this soap to a selection of tights to make a beautiful and unique gift. Ingredients; Coffee, Orange, Eucalyptus & Tea tree.

  • Natural soap
  • Handmade in Melbourne
  • Exfoliating
  • Attached rope for easy hanging
  • Heart shape
  • Coffee, Orange,Eucalyptus & Tea tree oil

Please note as these soaps are all hand made, in small batch quantities, no two soaps are the same and may vary slightly in colouring to the image.