Stuck for a Mother’s Day gift idea? Flowers and chocolates are popular gifts for Mother’s Day, both of these make great presents because unless your mother is allergic to them who doesn’t love a beautiful floral arrangement or indulge in some delectable chocolate? However, there is a problem with both of these gifts, they don’t last!! At best flowers will survive on average a week whilst chocolates, even if not devoured immediately have a use by date. What if you could buy a gift that would last way longer than flowers and chocolates, something luxurious and personal, just for mum, what about some exquisite Italian legwear !! Give mum an unexpected but special present that will put a smile on her face and a spring in her step!! A gift that says you believe that she also deserves to feel and look good!!

We know that every mum is different, not all mums wear tights, some prefer leggings, some mums only wear pants, well we have socks for her too!! From classics to funky patterns all your mums’ tastes are catered for. Peruse our range and we are certain you will find something for even the fussiest of mums. Not sure where to start? Here are some of our suggestions.

Working Mum

If mum is working, especially in an office, chances are that she is often in skirts or dresses. We have a wide range of styles that are perfect for a professional work outfit.

Solid opaques such as Velour 60 by Franzoni, a warm and totally opaque tight thanks to its 3D weave, and as the name suggests feels as smooth as velvet. A similar tight, from the All Colors range by Oroblu is also a good choice if your mum loves to wear colour. There are many trending colours available including a bright mustard yellow, that will surely brighten mum’s day!! Sheers are also a great choice for work, cooling in summer and perfect in winter too, especially if the office heating is suffocating. There are many patterns to choose from, the most popular is anything spots and we have lots of those, Adelle, Brigitte and Doris, all have different sized spots, there is a spot for every mum!! Sometimes work dictates a more subdued look this is when our classic plain sheers are the best choice. The introduction of nanofiber in hosiery by Oroblu is a game changer in the hosiery world!! They are a silkier and stronger pantyhose thanks to the nanofiber woven into the tights. Due to this specialised technique, these tights can be more expensive than what some mums would normally pay for a pair of classical tights and no doubt would welcome these luxury items as a gift on Mother’s Day. Other beautifully made and of superior quality in the pantyhose category are the ‘Different’ range. They boast a large waistband that keeps them in place all day, they also take on the form of the leg without constriction allowing all day wearability in comfort.

Velour 60 tights are totally opaque and feel like velvet thanks to the 3D weave

Sporty Mum

Everyone likes to be comfortable when they exercise or play sport and mums are no exception. Legs need to be free of encumberments, free to move in all directions. This is when a quality footless tight or legging is vital. For the best choice in exercise legwear, you can’t go past the Leggings Duvet by Franzoni. Mum will love that they are opaque and super comfy, thanks to 3D weave and to the fact that they are cut at the cuff so as stimulate circulation rather than constrict it.

Lady sitting with legs crossed over at the thigh wearing black footless tights. Leggings Duvet by Franzoni and black high heeled shoes.

Franzoni has created the perfect footless tights that are super comfy

Dancing Mum

Mums like to hit the dance floor too!! We have a huge range of tights that will make mum the belle of the ball, or the disco floor!! Mum will sparkle with our shimmering Golden Fashion tights. For a more classical ballroom style, we also have a wide range of fishnet and back seam tights. Our favourite net is the Franzoni Micro Rete New and Riga 20 tights by Oroblu

Golden Fashion tights shimmer with gold and silver sparkles, perfect for dancing

Fun Mum

Would you describe mum as a fun personality? Then she would love some of our patterned tights. Our reversible tights are a lot of fun, practical and versatile. Mum with love wearing these tights, she can wear them one way one day and then simply turn them inside out and wear them another way the next day!!!

Four mannequin legs with an assortment of coloured reversible tights by Franzoni.

Pamper Mum

Perhaps mum just needs to revitalize tired feet and legs, well we have that covered too with our glorious moisturiser made from all natural products including magnesium chloride derived from the Western Australian Salt Lakes. Great for smoothing cracked heels and if you wanted to do something extra for mum how about offering to give her a foot massage with this healing moisturiser after all who doesn’t love a foot massage and who doesn't deserve one more than mum!!

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