Imagine being able to easily view all your hosiery and quickly locate the ones that best suit your outfit? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?! Tights can be especially difficult to locate as often the patterns can only be identified once you’ve pulled them on! This is both frustrating and increases the potential for damage.

4 Easy Steps

Here’s a simple method that will not only make getting ready easier, it will also protect your hosiery investment.

  1. Purchase some inexpensive organza bags from a bargain or craft shop. An ideal size is about 13 cm x 20 cm – this size will accommodate most fine to opaque tights. A slightly smaller size will work for sheer hosiery, while a little larger may be needed for very thick tights or leggings.

  2. With each new purchase, simply cut out a “label” from the packaging, ideally choosing a section that includes part of hosiery image and preferably the brand and design, along with the colour. You may also like to include the size. The cut-out should be a good centimetre (about 1/2 inch) smaller all around than your bag size, so that it easily slides into the bag and can also comfortably accommodate the hosiery. Most importantly, you must round the corners of the card so it won’t catch on the hosiery.

  3. If you can’t capture all the desired information within the card cutout size, simply cut the brand and hosiery names from elsewhere on the packaging and paste onto your label. For example, in the image below, the words “Oroblu” and “Delia” were cut from elsewhere and stuck onto the image label.

  4. It’s unlikely you’ll have the packaging for previously purchased hosiery – not a problem! If you know the brand or design, you can search for an image online (even just find something that looks similar) and make up your own card. Otherwise, simply write a description on a blank piece of card (always remembering to round the corners!), for example: sheer black tights / diamond ankle motif  or opaque blue tartan footless tights

Three examples of different patterned tights stored in organza bags with labels.

Now you’re all set! Having the pattern image or description to quickly refer to will save you time and stress when getting ready! Just as important, your hosiery will last longer due to  careful storage, and you’ll also have a record of your favourite quality brands and designs.


Grouping Legwear into Categories

To store all your gorgeous hosiery in one place, a shallow draw is one option. Even better, we found that a simple drawer insert or shelf tray – such as the types found at IKEA and home organization stores (see below) – are a great idea. You can simply lift the whole container onto the bed or dresser when you’re planning an outfit so you can easily see its contents. Easy viewing and easy access!

Shallow storage box with four rows of hosiery neatly displayed in organza bags.

TIP: Depending on the quantity and range of hosiery you have, a great idea for easy selection is to group the bags into categories such as patterned, coloured, sheers, nudes, lace and so on. For more hosiery category ideas, refer to the menu items on our website as a guide.


White transparent tulle bag agains a whit background with a packet of diamond patterned silver hosiery.

Did you know?

When you place an order at Italian Tights you receive a complimentary tulle bag for storage of your items, so you too, can now find your favourite tights super fast!!

If you have a brilliant hosiery and sock storage idea we would love to hear from you too! Send us your ideas via our website so we can share them!



February 19, 2018 — Marielle Rebbechi

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