Oroblu Romantic Moony Lace Sheer Tights

$29.95 AUD
By Oroblu


Romantic is a collection of lace, floral tights, created by Oroblu. These exquisite tights echo undertones of romance,and sensuality, as you step into the Moony tights your will immerse yourself into sheer beauty. Woven with a tulle base, these tights are stronger than an average sheer tight but just as soft. You will love how these tights look and feel!! Sophisticated for office or evening wear, these luxurious tights are versatile as they are timeless. The powder color is the perfect choice for brides wearing an ivory dress, both the pattern and color of these tights will add a glamorous finish. The crystal blue color option is ideally suited to a summery, flouncy dress, that would shine in an outdoor party setting. Black lace tights, such as these Moony tights, are of course a staple in any woman's wardrobe that wishes to express her femininity with the enduring beauty of floral lace. Composition: 93% Polyamide, 7% Elastane.Floral lace pattern

  • Sheer
  • Tulle base
  • Ultra sheer
  • 15 denier
  • Bridal tights
  • Special occasion
  • 93% Polyamide, 7% Elastane

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