Oroblu Gardenia Floral Print Crew Socks

$15.00 AUD
By Oroblu

Simply exquisite are these sheer ankle socks by Oroblu. Perfect placement of the gardenia print right at the front of the foot create an eye catching masterpiece. The nude colour selection gives the impression that the flower has been tattooed onto your foot, whilst the black choice is sheer sophistication. These socks are a delight to wear with sandals or pumps, possessing a comfortable two tone band they will remain in place without restricting your ankles. Composition: 81% Polyamide, 12% Polypropylene, 7% Elastane

  • Sheer
  • Short
  • Flower print
  • Comfortable 
  • Non slip band
  • OSFA
  • 20 Denier
  • 81% Polyamide, 12% Polypropylene, 7% Elastane
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