Women's Leggings & Footless Tights

Footless tights and leggings are not to be confused as the same. Leggings are a sewn product which means they can be worn as pants. A footless tight however is a woven garment and should be worn as an undergarment just like you would wear underpants. Footless tights are usually very stretchy making them comfortable to wear. Due to their versatility they can be worn many ways, popular, especially amongst older women is the layering effect. Footless tights are ideal for girls who hate wearing tigths; with no crotch problem the neccesity to keep hitching tights up does not occur. Leggings are also popular due to their more casual and sporty look. Our footless tights and leggings come in a great range of colours, patterns and fabrics; You are sure to find your new favourite footless tightst and leggings at Italian Tights!!