Women's Dress and Trouser Socks; Knee Highs To Ankle Socks Which Length Is Right For You?

By Mary Penco
on November 02, 2020

An elegantly dressed lady sitting at and outdoor cafe, sipping an espresso

Sock trends have changed drastically since they were first worn as cloths around cavemen's feet. Today, more than just protection they are a notable fashion item that can make or break an outfit. With so many colours and styles to choose from it can become confusing as to which socks are best. On our website you can purchase exquisite socks that have been carefully selected for every shoe type and occasion —all you have to do is choose!

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By Mary Penco
on October 24, 2019

Packaging of short tights and thigh bands that help prevent thigh rubbing.

Short Tights and garter like bands are a great alternative to wearing unsightly undergarments in the prevention of thigh rub. Pretty sheer, short tights, finished with a lace trim are an elegant method of suppressing the onset of unpleasant symptoms associated with thighs rubbing against each other.

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5 Reasons to Make Race Day Hosiery a Favourite!

By Mary Penco
on September 28, 2019

Lady astride a carousel horse wearing brightly coloured clothes.

Important horse racing events, such as the Melbourne Cup, call for formal attire, where women parade in their finery. Despite the time, effort and expense afforded to their dresses, women are doing their legs an injustice by not giving them the accessory they deserve - hosiery!

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Girls Just Want To Have Fun; Printed and Coloured Tights For Young Fashionistas!

By Mary Penco
on September 07, 2019

Two younger girls sitting happily wearing bright coloured tights.

Children's tights can be a parent's answer to negotiating an outfit. When you've spent a lot money on a special dress but your daughter refuses to wear it, consider tights as a prime bargaining tool, rather than everything ending in tears! Even the most determined young lady can be swayed with a pretty pattern or favourite colour. At Italian Tights we have a captivating selection of tights—in a myriad of colours and printsthat are sure to appeal to girls everywhere. Keep your insanity intact by browsing our tights range; having a few options up your sleeve will help keep everyone happy!

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Renew Summer & Winter Outfits With Floral Print Tights

By Mary Penco
on June 16, 2019

Renew Summer & Winter Outfits With Floral Print Tights

Floral tights are an all season pattern worn both in summer and winter. Florals are reflected in all our leg wear styles and in a host of colours. A floral print can be densley decorated or elegantly stylised and will add an aura of beauty to any outfit.

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Green Envy; Style Your Outfits With Green Tights

By Mary Penco
on May 30, 2019

Blonde lady sitting side on with legs outstretched wearing a short green dress and green tights.

For extra vibrancy and depth to an outfit simply add your favourite shade of green! With so many styles and shades to choose from in green you are certain to find the perfect tights to maintain your outfits evergreen!

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First Holy Communion Dress; Best Tights For Girls

By Mary Penco
on May 19, 2019

First Holy Communion Dress; Best Tights For Girls

A beautiful First Holy Communion Dress is only complete with beautiful tights. We have a wide selection of white and ivory tights and socks to add that special finishing touch to your daughter's dress.

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What Mums Really Want; Mother's Day Gifts That Mum Will Love

By Mary Penco
on March 20, 2019

Breakfast tray ready to take to mum in bed on Mother's Day.

Buying mothers a gift is really not that hard it is the small gestures and thoughtful gifts that mums appreciate the most.

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Valentine's Day; Everlasting Gifts

By Mary Penco
on February 05, 2019

Packet of ladies flower azalea sheer Oroblu tights tied with a red bow.

It's time to ditch the flowers and chocolates, this Valentines Day profess your love with the gift of Italian hosiery.

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Bare Necessities; Why pantyhose are still necessary today.

By Mary Penco
on November 08, 2018

Women dancing wearing Oroblu nude pantyhose.

A new generation of women, particularly young women, consider pantyhose to be obsolete but nothing could be further from the truth. Pantyhose, like most things in our modern world, have undergone an evolution, making them as relevant to a woman’s life today as they were for our grandmothers. Tights, stockings and pantyhose, are in fact quintessential clothing accessories that can take your outfit from dull to joyous!!

There are many reasons why we should continue to wear pantyhose in the 21st Century. Apart from warmth, support and comfort, the most obvious reason being that pantyhose simply make your legs look better and who doesn’t want better legs?!! Let’s face it very few of us have fabulous, evenly tanned, unblemished legs, pantyhose can help achieve a flawless, even look. The Royals know this, you will never see the the Duchess of Cambridge not wearing pantyhose. Celebrities such as Julia Roberts know this, in fact she has joined ranks with the great Italian hosiery giant, Calzedonia and has declared that she is delighted to have rediscovered ‘femininity’ since returning to wearing tights.


          The Duchess of Cambridge always wears tights at public engagements

With so many beautiful patterns, styles, weights and sizes there is a pantyhose for literally everyone. It can be difficult navigating such a wide choice and so we have chosen a few tried and tested styles that will take your legs into modern times in comfort and style.

Piu` 8 by  Franzoni are arguably the best ultra sheer tights on the market today. They are incredibly soft and silky and extremely affordable compared to more well known brands. The nude option gives you a bare leg look with just a touch of sheen giving your legs a healthy tanned glow. The black colour option in this style is extremely elegant and perfect for formal wear.

                                          Lady sitting shading her face from the sun wearing nude pantyhose and heels.

  Franzoni Piu` 8 ultra sheer pantyhose give your legs a slight sheen.

 Different by Oroblu is the epitome of comfort and comes in a range of deniers, we are particularly partial to the 15 and 40 deniers as these weights cover both transeasonal weather and colder weather. What makes this range ‘different’ is the attention that has been paid to every aspect of the tights ensuring that utmost comfort is maintained throughout the duration the tights are worn. The leg is shaped to fit perfectly, the waistband sits higher at the back preventing the tights from ever slipping down, the brief sections contour the buttocks and the toes are invisible so you can wear these with open or closed toe shoes. Apart from the classic nude and black options the niut, a silvery grey is a fabulous colour selection, like black it matches with every other colour. The difference with nuit is that it can give a softer tone when needed.

                                                     Lady standing with one knee bent, wearing Orobly black different 40 pantyhose.

Oroblu Different 15 and Different 40 ranges are the ultimate in pantyhose comfort.


Divine 10 also by Oroblu live up to their name as they certainly are divine!! Spun with revolutionary nanofiber this is truly a technological tight!! Super smooth and soft you feel like you have stepped into a second skin. Despite the fineness of the yarn these tights are very strong boasting quite a lot of stretch. Thanks to the nanofiber these tights allow your skin to breathe keeping your legs fresh. These luxurious tights usually come at a high price but at Italian Tights we think that luxury should be affordable for all and that is why we have the best prices not just for Oroblu Divine 10 tights but all our tights.

                                              Lady sitting, resting her head on her knee wearing Oroblu Divine 10 pantyhose

     Luxurious Divine 10 by Oroblu feel like you not wearing pantyhose

Svelatiisime by Franzoni are not only sexy but also prove to be practical and functional. With a faux suspender belt they give the appearance of a traditional pair of stockings but in fact stay up without the fuss of fasteners and clips. Svelatissime’s practical design give you freedom of movement, from the moment you pull them on that is where they will remain, even going to the toilet has suddenly become hassle free. Recommended by health professionals for their hygienic features coupled with comfort, your sexy pantyhose  have a new name, Svelatissme !!


Conjure the illusion of stockings but without the hassles with Svelatissime.

Pantyhose of course do not have to be one colour, in fact some of the most glorious prints have been transferred onto pantyhose. The ultra sheer pantyhose are perfect for a tattoo effect. We love these because they resemble a tattoo but now you can change your tattoo whenever you feel like it with no pain and minimal expense. Our most favourite are the Azalea Flower Tights by Oroblu, intricate sweet fuschias are seemingly delicately painted onto your legs. Wanting a chic look choose the Rosanne with black vertical motifs placed on the back calves alludes to a time when tights were made with back seams.

                                           Close up of legs displaying Oroblu Azalea Flower sheer floral print tights.   

  Azalea flower sheer tights give the illusion of being tattooed onto your legs.

So before you disregard hosiery take a closer look at how a pair of pantyhose can transform your legs and persona.


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