Open container of Amazing Oils skin Moisturiser showing cream.


There is nothing that ruins a gorgeous sandal more than cracked heels on the back of feet. Apart from being unsightly they can be the cause of great discomfort.

The skin on the heels of feet is thick so that it can bear body weight; consequently there are many layers of dead skin in this area, which tend to crack.  Exposing feet in the warmer months can cause further cracking and that is why our heels, if not tended to, can look their worst in summer.

Unbecoming heels can be a thing of the past by simply rubbing magnesium chloride ointment onto them. By applying a small amount twice daily (the size of a five cent piece) not only are you keeping your heels smooth you are also nourishing them with the benefits of topical magnesium chloride.

Using topical magnesium as opposed to oral magnesium ensures that your body receives the attributes needed for healing immediately.  Magnesium Chloride Cream by the Amazing Oils brand is composed of all natural ingredients including almond oil, vitamin E, and Shea butter.  

Now you can proudly wear your summer sandals without embarrassing heels!