Two legs of a lady with just a foot and the knee section of the legs showing with the lady's hand rubbing her legs

Restless Leg Syndrome, aka RSL, commonly presents itself to sufferers at night, interrupting and even preventing sleep, due to irritating symptoms such as twitching and the urge to constantly want to move one's legs. Popular remedies to help alleviate these frustrating symptoms include, hot baths, massage, exercise, yoga and stretching.

Another helpful remedy for helping to relieve RSL is the application of topical magnesium chloride. Spraying magnesium chloride and rubbing it for thirty seconds onto the legs approximately twenty minutes before going to bed can assist to further alleviate RSL. We use the Australian brand, Amazing Oils. The magnesium chloride is derived from Australian Salt Lakes, it is TGA approved and has no other added substances to it , making it 100% magnesium chloride. For our extensive range of topical magnesium chloride look through our well being range, here you will find sprays, salts and a moisturiser. All items are totally natural and Australian made.

We believe that legs should feel as good as they look and so with every leg wear order we are giving away a sample magnesium chloride towelette, we even have one that is made especially for babies.

A box containing magnesium chloride towelettes, one of the towelettes is standing upright in front of the box.Several Amazing Oils baby pain relief towelettes covering a surface.