How to Prevent Thigh Chafing

Thigh chafingor thigh rub, as it's sometimes referred tois a common problem experienced by many women of all shapes and sizes. This condition predominantly flares up in summer, causing discomfort and skin irritation that can even of making walking unbearable. So, what is thigh chafing and what are the best ways to prevent it?


5 Common Causes of Thigh Chafing

  1. Heat and humidity.
  2. Exercise related perspiration, such as a gym workout or running.
  3. Extended walking.
  4. Wearing garments that don't provide a barrier between the thighs, such as dresses and skirts.
  5. Natural fibers that retain moisture, such as cottons, linen, and wool.


                                Hand rubbing red inner thigh caused by thigh chafing.




Redness and burning sensations are some of the discomforts associated with thighs rubbing together, known as chafing.

Chafing Prevention Tips

  1. Keep the area dry and regularly change your clothes especially after any physical activity that induces sweating.
  2. Rub skin cream onto your thighs regularly.
  3. Wear lingerie items that form a barrier between the upper thighs.

Whilst the first two preventative steps are easily managed, finding undergarments that are suitable can be confusing and demoralising. One of the commonly suggested ways to avoid thigh rubbing is to wear bike shorts underneath clothing; however, on a hot day, additional clothing makes you more uncomfortably hot and can also be unattractive.

Take heart: there is a solution in beautiful lingerie! An effective way to prevent the onset of this painful, and at times embarrassing, state.


Anti-Chafing Lingerie that Prevent Thigh Chafing

Short Tights and Secret Bands are both undergarments specifically designed for the prevention of thigh abrasion and the associated discomfort. Unlike bike shorts, these items are both efficacious in enabling smooth thigh movement and also look gorgeous! Rather than generic bike shorts peeking out from under your  hemline, imagine a pretty lace band adding a touch of chic to your legs. Even if no one else glimpses it, you'll have the confidence to move as you please, secure in the knowledge that your undergarments are also a beautiful fashion statement.

                                                         Lady's thighs in the driver's seat of a car, in short tights that prevent thigh chafing.

Secret lace bands peeking out from under clothing are a pretty alternative to bike shorts


Secret Short Tights      

Short Tights by Personal Size, allow women to move freely in dresses and skirts, without the fear of irritation occurring. This special hosiery was researched and thoroughly tested to address the issues resulting from inner thigh friction. Sporting a sophisticated waist band that deters tights from rising up and rolling, and a sheer bodice that's invisible through clothing, the Short Tights are the best choice for wearing under summer clothing.

These tights gently enhance the silhouette without being restrictive. A light composition of fibers together with a sheer fabric, ensure that skin can breathe - making them perfect for even a hot day. Furthermore, the inclusion of a gusset gives you the choice to wear these without other underwear, therefore one less garment layer during the hot summer months.


Short Tight Special Features

  • Sheer and total nude look panty top
  • Bodice that gently shapes the abdomen                                          
  • Protective band with elegant lace             
  • Gusset 
  • Flat seams 


                          Side view of lady's thighs in sheer, short tights that prevent thigh chafing.              Front view of lady's abdomen in sheer anti rub shorts that prevent thigh chafing.



    Secret Bands

    An alternative to wearing short tights are thigh bands, also known as bandelettes. Thigh bands resemble a garter, with the exception that the thigh bands serve a functional purpose. Just like the Short Tights, they offer protection against the irritation caused by thighs rubbing. The Secret Bands, as the name suggests, are concealed under clothing in a similar manner to the Short Tights. These thigh bands are perfect for people who want to wear their usual undergarments yet also want to combat chafing. Positioned right at the top of the thigh, they allow legs to breathe freely. The advantages to wearing Secret Bands include the following:

    • Comfortable and easy to wear
    • Discreet and feminine
    • Protect against irritation
    • Dual silicone layer to prevent movement
    • Elegant and attractive
    • Easy to slip on and off

    Lady sitting in nude lace thigh bands that prevent thigh chafing.   Black lace garter secret band that prevents anti chafing.

    Secret Bands sit discreetly on the upper thigh and are available in two colours

    Don't just survive the hotter seasons but enjoy them! Include these two stylish and effective anti-chafing lingerie items in your wardrobe and say goodbye to painful redness  and prevent thigh rubbing- without compromising your sense of femininity and fine fashion.

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