Close up of ladies legs in orange lace footless tights.

As a mother of two teenage girls, I can attest that the most popular leg wear for this age group is footless tights!  Footless tights, not to be confused with leggings which are technically pants (think ‘sewn’ rather than woven) are essentially tights without feet. As such, when stretched they become somewhat sheer, which is why they should never be worn without a long tunic, dress or skirt to cover the nether regions.

Woman with long blond hair reclining in black top and black damask footless tights.

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So what are the advantages of wearing footless tights over leggings? Firstly, you may have a daughter like mine who detests the feel of a seam, especially close to her skin. There are no irritating seams, and no issue where the feet pull the top down, resulting in an annoying suspended crotch. Another brilliant benefit with this leg wear is that children tend to get longer wear from them, both because they outlive small growth spurts and because they’re easier to pull on.

Girl's legs in pale pink lace Franzoni Aralia footless tightsA great choice for young girls from our range of footless tights is Franzoni’s, Aralia. Patterned with pretty butterflies and available in soft pastels, they’re both charming and dressy.  For teens, Oroblu’s  funky denim-style Underground, with its glittery guitar motif and British flag, or the capri-length Fable, scattered with colourful flowers down each leg, offer two very different looks. For a teen after more sophisticated leg wear for a social event, Franzoni’s Charms will captivate with their glamorous yet edgy diamanté cross and heart motifs. For when a simple block colour is required find classic colours amongst our Girls Footless tights range. To glam up a block colour but without adding another pattern to an outfit choose the Leggings Pizzo. A solid coloured, footless tight, finished at the ankles with a pretty edge of lace- perfect for younger girls who like all things pretty!

                           Young girls' legs in pale pink footless tights, red skirt and silver shoes.     Young girls sitting down in front of her mother's legs both in white footless tights.

             Girls block colour footless tights            Girls Pizzo Lace footless tights


     Adolescent girl in bright clothes and sunglasses with skateboard over shoulder.  


Of course, footless tights are not just for girls and teenagers! Women of all ages are enjoying the comfort of footless tights and are embracing their versatility, which are particularly popular for layering, especially under tunics and longer tops.

Our most versatile footless tight is the Duvet by Franzoni. Guaranteed to become a wardrobe staple, it comes in two lengths, a capri (a ¾ length that sits just below the knee) and an ankle length, ideal for cooler days or if you prefer more leg coverage. The Duvet is versatile, including suitable legwear for exercise with its super stretch and 3D weave which  provides a totally opaque appearance.                        Fable Footless tights suit older girls & teens    

        ladies legs oustreteched in black footless tights and black heels.                            Close up of mid section of ladies legs in black footless tights and black heels.

Leggings Duvet; Ankle length footless tights       Leggings Duvet Capri; 3/4 length                                                           

 From casual and opaque to our beautiful lace footless tights, Armenia give a delicate finish to the prettiest of summery dresses in a fresh-look white. If you’re after a splash of colour, then the Freedom footless lace tights in either soft lilac or cream is also a beautiful summer selection. 

                                                   Close up of lady's legs in white lace footless tights, denim skirt and black heels.

                                                   Armenia white lace tights are perfect for summer.

Earthy green tones are currently trending in fashion, and right on trend at Italian tights is Stenofila in a soft sage green which makes for a surprising neutral. Particularly striking with its intricate net and attractive lace band, take advantage of the extensive colour range in shoes this year and accessorise Stenofila’s sage green with any seasonal coloured sandal. You will love how the softness of the green will enhance your shoes.

Women's legs in sheer black hosiery with two sandal options in green.

Not to be forgotten, and always timeless, are the indispensable black lace footless tights which can be worn during the day or to a more formal evening event. The Ramage footless tights are patterned with a divine, flower lace that is interspersed with a silver lame` thread. These exquisite tights look fabulous accessorised with a silky long top or tunic and black heels. Or for extra visual impact choose the stunning Layla in a two tone effect.

                            Side view of lady's legs, in black lace footless tights Side view of lady's legs up agains a couch in brown and black footless tights.

          Ramage footless tights are enhanced with a silvery thread.

                     Layla footless tights are visually stunning in a two tone colour effect.


If you’re looking for an extra warm footless tight that will look good in boots as well as closed shoes, than our morbimelange tights are a great winter choice. Woven with a marl yarn that reflect wintry tones; choose from an earthy taupe or grey, white blend. Both colour variations will pair well with wintry fashion colours.

                                                     Side view of lady's legs in taupe coloured footless tights.

                Morbiemelange footless tights are woven with a marl yarn.

Whatever your preference in footless tights, we’ve sourced a wide selection of styles and colours to keep your legs covered through the seasons.