Oroblu has interwoven notes of spring and autumn into their tights Mariel. A glorious vine leaf pattern weaves its way intermittently from the face of the foot all the way up to the panty brief. We stock this magnificent tight in four fabulous colours so that you can have one in every colour to match all your outfits and occasions.

Marine blue, not as dark as it’s counterpart, navy blue, contrasts beautifully with emerald green and vivid raspberry all bold, daring colours. For occasions when subtlety is more desired marine blue also pairs perfectly with grey or black

  Pair of ladies legs striding  wearing vine leaf pattern marine blue sheer tights in black high heels

               Strike a stunning pose in the marine blue colour option for Mariel.

 The beige colour option for the Mariel tights can be worn to complement a soft white or light camel coloured outfit. Equally chic the beige can also be matched with an olive martini green or a chocolate brown. Mariel in a beige is the perfect choice for important ceremonial occasions such as weddings.

                                              Colour sample beige of vine leaf pattern tights.            Colour sample grey of vine leaf pattern tights          Colour sample grey vine leaf pattern tights.

 Whilst the grey and black colour options, often considered the safer colours, are the classic staples that you can repeatedly step out in, confident in knowing that these colour choices will always be fashionably acceptable.

Can’t decide which colour you would like in these fabulous tights, why choose, with free shipping, Australia wide for orders over $75 you can buy all four!!!

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