Spring racing season conjures excitement, not just amongst racing enthusiasts but, equally so amongst fashionistas! With societal fashion etiquette becoming more and more casual, it’s interesting to note that many women welcome a reason to dress up. Thankfully, major racing carnivals are definitely a time where both high fashion and imaginative expression are the order of the day. Here’s five important reasons to add legwear to your race day outfit.


1. Add Instant ‘Wow Factor’ to Your Outfit!

Whilst decorative hats and pretty dresses are chosen with great care, legs are usually overlooked save for a basic spray tan. Yet, with most outfits sporting short – or even shorter – hemlines, the legs are great real estate on which to add impact! Just like the horses, your legs will be on show all day long, so make the most of them. The perfect way to enhance your legs on race day? Add instant impact to your look with  hosiery! Yes, you have a better chance of winning at the fashion stakes by dressing your legs rather than baring them.

Mix it up with sheer patterned tights

From florals to geometrics, your outfit will stand out from the crowd with hosiery from our collection of patterned sheer tights. Sheer nudes with decorative motifs are a stunning choice that perfectly complement race wear. The nude effect of the tight gives the impression that the decoration has been tattooed on – absolutely on trend, these pretty concept tattoos are ones you can literally peel off at the end of the day. Mix is up with sheer patterned tights, such as the Roseanne, Valentine and Flower Azalea, all elegantly chic  and worthy of a special event! Just look at these beautiful and eye-catching hosiery options.                            

Back view of lady's legs wearing tattoo effect tights and black heels. Front view of lady's legs in sheer Oroblu Flower tights and mint green floral dress.Front view of lady's legs in Oroblu Valentine sheer rhinestone tights.

           Rosanne                                   Azalea                                                        Valentine                               


2. Beat the Fickle Spring Weather

Pantyhose on race day can be a blessing rather than a curse. The advantages of wearing tights to the races are three-fold: a beautiful finish to your legs, whether you opt for a nude tight or a design; a saving on the effort and expense of a fake tan; and – most importantly – hosiery will keep your legs warm on what is often a chilly spring day! We’ve all seen the TV images of race day weather havoc: spring is prone to be unpredictable and is often accompanied by biting winds or teeming rain, especially in Melbourne! In fact, statistics reveal that one in three Melbourne Cup race-days have been affected by rain. If nothing else, you can take an ‘each way bet’ and slip off your hosiery if the day is unseasonably warm.


3. Tan Pale Winter Legs in One Quick Step

Pantyhose are the perfect accessory to transition your legs from winter to summer. The right pair of nylons can give you an instant summer tan without the fuss of creams or the expense of spray tans. What’s more, they protect your clothing and linen from the tanning stains that often appear in the aftermath of a spray tan. By simply slipping into nude coloured pantyhose your legs will:

  • Look natural
  • Appear blemish free
  • Transform from pale skin to tan
  • Feel soft and silky smooth
  • Add sophistication to your outfit.


4. Back a Winner with Brilliant Nude Hosiery Options

With so many nude pantyhose options to choose from,  we’ve made your choice easier by compiling a form guide for our favourites!

Natural Look, Silky Feel - and Amazingly Durable!

The epitome of luxury pantyhose is the Divine collection by Oroblu. Aptly named, these tights are created from nano fibre,  a revolutionary fabric so fine, that the weave is microscopic. Wearing them feels like wearing silk, giving your legs an unrivalled smoothness. No other pantyhose come close to the amazing Divine10! There are two great skin tones to choose from, as well as a black for evening wear. Despite the silkiness of these tights you’ll be surprised at how resistant to snagging and catching they are, always a plus for partying at the races!

                  Lady sitting with one knee raised wearing short white dress, nude tights and heels.      Close up of lady's side legs and buttocks wearing sheer hosiery.

A microscopic weave in a luxurious nano fiber is what make the Divine 10 heavenly!

Tights that conform to your shape

Oroblu Different 15, in nude is also an excellent choice for a bare leg look. The standout feature of these tights is the way they stretch and conform to the contours of your leg, making them the best fitting tights you can find. While, Different 15 is styled to fit every type of body shape, it also features a stay-in-place waistband - no more tiresome creeping down effect!

                    Image chart explaining features of Oroblu Different tights.            Back view of lady's legs wearing Oroblu Different 15 nude sheer pantyhose.

 Conforming to your body shape is one of the many features of Oroblu Different 15 

Peep Toe Hosiery – Perfect for Nail Polish!

A lighter option is the Franzoni Piu` 8. As the name suggests this is a 8 denier making it very light weight, perfect for a natural look and also a cooler alternative on a warmer day. The Piu` 8 has a slight sheen to them, giving your legs a healthy summery glow. Also in an 8 denier is the Infradito Fast, with its peep toe feature, these tights allow your painted toes to shine!

                      Lady sitting, legs sprawled out wearing sheer hosiery and high heels.              Lady painting her toe nails, wearing peep toe hosiery.

                                         Lightweight hosiery is the answer to a bare skin effect

Master a Vintage Look with Natural Coloured Fishnets

Wanting to create an understated classic or vintage look? The Micro Rete New in nude is an extremely soft micro mesh tight that feels incredible on. Add a floral corsage around one ankle for a unique yet classic, feminine look. The net weave of this tight also makes it easy to embellish by stitching a flower or perhaps adding a ribbon detail – wherever your creativity takes you! The Micro Rete New are also available in a classic black, and on trend navy blue.

          Lady standing in lace dress, natural fishnets, embellished with floral ankle corsage.                                                      Embellish a fishnet such as the Micro Rete New with a floral trim                                                        

5. The Queen Has Decreed It!

Hosiery is a must for royals at public events. New season trends and colours are often set at such events like the famous Royal Ascot, where Queen Elizabeth, along with Kate Middleton and other members of the royal family don beautiful outfits, that are generally finished with a bold hat. Apart from stunning hats, one fashion accessory a royal is never seen without at a public event is hosiery! The Queen mandates that all female members of the royal family wear pantyhose to public engagements, such as attending race days.


Queen Elizabeth attending Royal Ascot with other members of the Royal Family.

                   Royals always wear pantyhose to public events

Wearing pantyhose takes an outfit to another level of elegance, as well as giving your legs the appearance of an even skin tone. There's an array of amazing tights to select from that fit so beautifully, no one will suspect you're even wearing tights! Backing a winning horse is never a sure thing - but wearing hosiery is a sure bet that will ensure you have winning legs!

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